“Favorite” Foods by State

The Cooking Channel made a gaffe yesterday when posting a very tasty-looking map depicting the “favorite” foods for each state. It seems they need a refresher geography course. See if you can spot the error:


They claim to have polled their fans to figure out which food best represents each state. Having lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, I think their results were skewed by a vocal minority. I think Texas is right – brisket, whether cooked wet (with BBQ sauce) or dry (with a dry-rub) duly represents the state. Oklahoma is probably correct, but their recipe is definitely wrong. I’ve never seen fried okra served whole. I never ate fried catfish while living in Arkansas. Maybe it’s popular in some other part of the state. I would think Jambalaya would better represent Louisiana than shrimp gumbo. The folks here can’t even agree to a common style for gumbo with tomato-based dominating north of I-10 and roux-based in the south. Why I-10? It runs east-west across the state and divides the state like the Mason-Dixon line divides the North and the South.

You won’t find this version of the map on their site any longer. Someone must have heard the outrage and pulled it down. By the way, if you haven’t figured out the error – take a close look at the labels for Kansas and Nebraska….

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